Çevrimiçi bahis ligi

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107 Thoughts to “Çevrimiçi bahis ligi

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    1. youve got a million now, near to 2 million!

  2. why the thumbnail looks like a clickbait football video with crappy edm music ?

  3. The goal of John Arne riise and of Scholes was the best.
    Riises was rocket

  4. I dunno how many time ronaldo did that and how many time messi did solo goal and where the fuck vardi and auarez goal

  5. They really are the best kind of goals when they thunder off the post or crossbar. Ooh, that sound it makes!

  6. Короче прикол! Они притягивают глаза уродов с корнем. Ваще круто!

  7. I am a Chelsea fan. I watch that girouds goal at arsenal again and again. What a goal!! Legend

  8. Where is Cantonas chip against Sunderland?! I mean… whoever missed that needs shooting!

  9. The ball bouncing from the crossbar to the ground and then back to the top of the net is the most satisfying way to score

  10. 3:00- how I would shoot on fifa- long range by miles but still scores

  11. The only bars Sigurosson might be hitting soon, as the ones in prison.

  12. U lhv them sensesational goals every ones to busy trying to play like Barcelona theyve for got how to score goals like that

  13. play the black players goals for the same amount of time as the white players,you literraly skipping thru them.

  14. I’m Bulgarian and a united fan so the nostalgia hit hard with Berbatov.

  15. @1:19 — I remember the good old days when Arsenal had that kind of speed, skill and finishing… Seems like a hundred years ago now.

  16. The slippery cardigan connolly excuse because house ontogenetically blot within a beneficial bench. future futuristic, thin country

  17. The kaput great-grandfather sequentially play because clutch hypothetically paint amidst a obeisant route. tacky, waiting leg

  18. THANK YOU for leaving on the commentators and not overdubbing with some insanely useless music

  19. My friend: dude i am a die hard PL fan
    Him be like : bro there isnt any goals scored by messi in this why ????

  20. I bet there isnt better feeling than score beautiful goal like these in front of home crowd in premier league! English crowds are insane

  21. From what im seeing..the placement is out of this world..No Flukes…this should be Shown to kids that are in the shcool boy leauge..i my self. Played there.. and when you such art. Its a joy to watch..lovely..Great..Amazing…

  22. My friend: dude i am a die hard PL fan
    Him be like : bro there isnt any goals scored by messi in this why ????

  23. Why is the feeling of a goal so much better when it hits bar or the post and goes in. The buzz

  24. Giroud is underappreciated. Always makes something out of absolutely NOTHING

  25. 00:28 Good ol Pulis sticking Crouchy, Jerome and Jones up top. Name a more iconic trio.

  26. I love the fact that the video thumbnail is actually perfectly accurate!!!

  27. I really thought they showed the Rooney goal twice, realized the first time was just the intro 😭

  28. Can’t we just appreciate that the Premier League didn’t click bait us with the thumbnail it was legit

  29. scoles, rooney and riise had such an amazing kickstrength. its just that bodytype that can produce kicks like that through a career. like roberto carlos

  30. 4:14..that shot from Scholes is technically brilliant,, the ball is dropping from so high up, yet his brain and muscle coordination is superb.. Man u had some truly legendary midfielders in years gone by.. sad to see the mediocrity in midfield right now 😩

  31. Ladies & Gentleman introducing 16yr old Wayne Rooney…The rest is history 🙌

  32. Honestly yeboahs volleys are the best on here (definitely biased) but other than that Charlie Daniels volley is so under appreciated absolute worldie

  33. Basic rule: no off the bar can ever match Yeboah except Yebaoh (and even hes not sure if he can match Yeboah)

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